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Thinking with a Pencil, Paperback/Henning Nelms

""If you have enough skill with a pencil to write your own name, you can make a drawing."" Finally back in print for the first time in 30 years, Henning Nelms' "Thinking with a Pencil" is truly a classic in its field. First published in 1957, Nelms anticipated with precision and ingenuity many features of thought and the creative process that we are just now coming to accept as true. Nelms' great breakthrough lies in his arsenal of inventive techniques for using drawing as a thinking aide and tool for the organization and presentation of ideas. With "Thinking with a Pencil" on your bookshelf, you'll be able to quickly master the practical applications of drawing and illustration. At once an instructional book and an investigation of the conceptual barrier between word and thought, "Thinking with a Pencil" teaches drawing as a tool for communication and explains how our minds interact with illustrations, diagrams, figures, etc. Professionals in design, engineering, sales, and businesses of all kinds will find it invaluable. There are over 650 illustrations and examples packed into this portable book, making it the ultimate resource for those who want to supercharge their cognitive process with the addition of visual elements.