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Painting kitchen cabinets: A do it yourself guide, Paperback/T. N. Van Der Walt

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Giving your kitchen cabinets an update need not be an expensive exercise. Painting is the easiest way to change your kitchen to look fresh and new and doing it yourself is easier than you think - even if you have little or no painting experience. The key elements to a successful painting job include aspects such as: -choosing the right refinishing option to complement your style of kitchen; -how to prepare the cabinets before you start painting; -knowing what type of paint and primer to use for your type of kitchen and how to apply different paint techniques to achieve that special look. The book aims to put together all the relevant information that you may need to paint and update your kitchen. It is based on the author's extensive experience of running a paint business specializing in painting furniture and kitchen cabinets. The following topics are covered: -What paint equipment will be required for the job -The best type of paint and primers to use for different types of kitchen cabinets -What are the different refinishing options to consider -The most effective ways to prepare the cabinets before you start painting -How to paint different types of kitchens such as laminate, melamine, MDF etc. -How to apply paint techniques such as color washing, distressing, antiquing, glazing and dragging. In the final chapter a lot of useful information is given about products that can be used to make the painting job easier and giving a more professional final finish. About the Author Nick van de Walt has developed his hobby restoring and painting furniture and cabinets into a profitable business. In the last 6 years he completed many paint projects and has gained experience in different paint techniques. His partnership with a kitchen cabinet manufacturer gave him the opportunity to refinish and paint different types of kitchen cabinets. His expertise in paint techniques created a unique niche market for custom made painted kitchens, benefitting both himself and his partner. Nick has written two other books that are available on Amazon and other book outlets. The first is entitled "Refinishing Old Furniture - start a home business" and the second "How to Spray Paint Furniture" and can be found on the internet.