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Langenscheidt's Russian-English Dictionary, Paperback/Langenscheidt

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Newly Revised Second Edition Fully updated and featuring more than 45,000 entries, this is the classic Russian-English English-Russian Dictionary from Langenscheidt, the premier source for foreign language reference tools. Students, teachers, travelers, and professionals can confidently rely on this invaluable 2-in-1 volume that includes: - Hundreds of new words reflecting today's cultural, political, and technological changes, plus contemporary idioms and expressions • Full pronunciation keys for both Russian and English entries - Comprehensive grammar tables with detailed information on the conjugation and declension of Russian verbs, nouns, and adjectives - The Russian alphabet as it is printed, written, and pronounced - A wealth of examples that put isolated words and phrases into context - A quick reference section on proper names, weights and measures, and abbreviations - Easy-to-read typography, plus a helpful guide to using the dictionary most effectively The foreign language dictionary for people on the move