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Crown of Lies, Paperback/Pepper Winters

The USA TODAY Bestseller THREE YEARS Since I ran away for the night, danced in New York streets, and almost got killed in an alley by two thieves. Until he showed up and saved me. THREE DAYS Since I threw a drink at the man my father expected me to marry, then found myself slammed against a wall with Penn Everett's seductive voice whispering a proposal I couldn't refuse. THREE HOURS To fall into hate with the man who reminded me of so many things and hid so much behind his lies. He couldn't be the man who saved me three years ago...but there's something so familiar... THREE MINUTES For our relationship to switch from no-strings to marriage. He announced it to my father--he's ecstatic. He told my friends--they're shocked. But he didn't ask me, he commanded me--and I'm livid. THREE SECONDS For his lies to slowly steal my heart and make me believe, THREE BREATHS For his truth to destroy me. Advance Reviews: "Crown of Lies takes sensual and gripping to the next level in a masterfully written tangled web that will keep you furiously turning pages. Pepper Winters has outdone herself. Penn Everett will be your new obsession." -- USA TODAY bestselling author Meghan March "Thrilling and mysterious, this book has left me with a major hangover"--Lina's Reviews "Crown of Lies is my first top 2017 read so far and it's a MUST read, one-click worthy book." --Punch Drunk Library "Pepper does a great job of delivering, yet again, one of the hottest alphas cloaked in mystery out there." --Dee, Goodreads "The chemistry between them is scorchingly hot and the banter is perfect."--Vickie Goodreads "WOW Pepper has done it again. I really wish I could give this book so much more than 5 stars it is brilliant" --We've Licked That Book Blog