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Creative Coloring Inspirations from the Heart: Art Activity Pages to Relax and Enjoy!, Paperback/Valentina Harper

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Brand: Design Originals

Creative Coloring Inspirations from the Heart is full of feel-good notions that will touch your heart and invigorate your spirit. Whether you are feeling low and need a pick-me-up, or already feeling inspired and want to let out your energy on something creative, the art in this book is just the ticket. You'll definitely love this book if you loved Valentina Harper's other books of inspirational colorings, Creative Coloring Inspirations and Creative Coloring A Second Cup of Inspirations The art includes tons of natural motifs, from elaborate flowers to cute animals to suns and mountains, that will put you in an undeniably inspired mood. Each of the illustrations in this book contains layers and layers of shapes for you to fill in as you choose, using whatever medium you like--from markers to watercolors to colored pencils to gel pens to crayons.